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  • Tricycle & Tryk Tools enable sustainable design.
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    Since 2002 Tricycle has helped commercial interiors manufacturers, interior designers and architects reduce sample waste. Our Tryk® products and services make specification faster, cheaper, and greener- from product development to merchandising to sampling.

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  • jobs

    In 2006 we received the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility. We believe work should be enjoyable because when we’re happy, we’re productive. Sure we have our share of all-nighters and strained schedules, but we also have relaxed dress codes, relaxed hair cuts, and relaxed facial hair. On a typical visit to the office you’ll likely find a friendly (as in friendly fire) foosball game, indie-rock speaker wars, someone on the sofa reading the latest celebrity gossip, or a couple of staff arguing about something most of us don’t understand. All this camaraderie encourages more collaboration, and ultimately better creativity.
    If all of the above sounds good and you love to write code, make deals, or talk about the virtues of kerning, Tricycle may have a position waiting for you. Salary is based on experience and includes a full benefits plan. For more information please send inquiries to jobs [at]

    Tricycle also offers a variety of paid and unpaid internship opportunities throughout the year to college students or recent graduates. We'll work with your school to provide class credit. Disciplines include, but are not limited to, marketing, graphic design, and web development. We promise you won't spend your time filing papers or twiddling your thumbs; your help will be needed on actual company projects. You might even get to play a game or two of foosball.

    current positions available
    There are no positions available at this time.

  • services

    Tricycle provides focused merchandising and communications services to support Tryk products and programs.

    online tools
    Tryk Studio enhances the sampling process, making it simple to search dynamic product libraries, recolor patterns and view them in rooms for scale and context in real time. Realistic and recyclable Tryk prints can be generated from the site for delivery as fast as 24 hours of request.

    simulated sample books
    Running line carpet feeler samples paired with Tryks make it possible for designers to view hundreds of patterns in a single book in their resource libraries — whether the carpet depicted has been physically manufactured or not.

    marketing support
    The Tryk Services team will help you promote your Tryk program through web promotion, packaging, e-promotion, exhibit design and sales materials.

    simulated presentations
    Tryks, in a variety of scales and sizes, are ideal formats for:
    + initial schematics
    + mood boards
    + reference files and archives
    + interior space visualization
    + new product launches
    + installation views

    virtual sample fulfillment
    Products are simulated in our Chattanooga facility and produced as needed, on demand.

    Tricycle offers a competitive suite of design software for carpet and fabric. Visit for more information on the UK's leading carpet design brand.

  • tryk


    Tryk® is a sustainable sampling tool for speeding your carpet specification process and ending unnecessary waste. The recyclable paper product comes in helpful formats designed to make presentations and sampling easier.

    Tryk allows you to explore more product options and gets you closer to a final decision faster. 24-48 hour delivery time ensures that you get to spend more time exploring creative options, rather than waiting. And reduced use of natural resources and generation of landfill waste means that your design workflow can be as eco-conscious as your project.

  • case studies

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  • environmental impact

    Since 2003, eco-minded architects and interior designers requested more than 279,000 realistic, recyclable, paper Tricycle prints in place of carpet samples.

    This translates to more than 69,000 gallons of oil conserved and 418,000 pounds of carpet that will never be landfilled — because it was never manufactured in the first place.

    Tens of thousands more Tricycle print samples were used by product development teams, during the design and prototyping of new patterns and colorways.

    Because our mission is more than to replace unnecessary samples, we have also created dynamic web sites that enable manufacturers to serve the design process of architects and interior designers. Any designer with web access can explore pattern and color options at the click of a button, without generating unnecessary design waste. During these two years, designers used our sites to create more than 245,000 custom color carpets and view more than 1.1 million room scenes with their carpets installed.

    Today, Tricycle is serving not only the commercial and hospitality sectors of the carpet industry, but fabric, wallcovering, and every interiors surface.

  • outlook

    Tricycle was founded to create a more sustainable method of sampling carpet. Our founders believed it was possible to change the way the industry approached the age-old problem of merchandising costly strike-offs in order to close a sale.

    Applying our patent-pending technology to the design process has yielded an effective means of cutting costs, reducing waste and expediting the specification cycle. We believe this winning triple play of financial, environmental and social improvement is what defines true sustainability.

    We've taken this approach to heart and applied to our products, services and corporate culture. It's why when you visit our refurbished industrial offices you'll discover more recycle bins than trash bins, old tradeshow exhibits repurposed as office furniture and open workspaces. It's also why we're so quick to point out that our Tryk products significantly reduce the amount of oil required to sample products. To our thinking that's good news, and good news is worth sharing.

    Since 2003, Tryk products have prevented 418,000 lbs. of carpet from going to landfills, saved 69,000 gallons of oil and created a positive economic effect of over $58 million. We know Tryks won't save the world. In fact, they have a minor impact on a global problem. But their significance lies in what they represent- they are the physical artifacts of a dematerialized system. Changing the way we make things instead of simply reformulating the contents of our "stuff" will ultimately have the biggest positive impact on the planet.

    We are unapologetically optimistic about industry change on a grand scale.